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Nifty Chart gives automatic buy and sell signal on intraday hourly chart. Nifty chart makes hassle free trading, Nifty chart are good for intraday traders with a holding period for about 1-2 days.
Nifty graph are colour coded with green and red arrows to clearly show when a new trend has begun. The Nifty graph are so simple to understand once you have look on them its totally clear what you have to do. The accuracy is AMAZING. Check our FREE NIFTY CHARTS to see for yourself. Also provide Stock charts (Equity, Futures (Nifty Futures) , Index).
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Sybmol Meaning

Up arrow means Fresh Buy Signal generated in script.
Down arrow means Fresh Sell Signal generated in script.
Binocular means Profit Booking Signal generated in Script.



nifty buy and sell signal stock chart

Support & Resistance- NIFTY Charts are easy to read support and resistance lines with price indicators to show you exactly where the support or resistance is. And at the bottom of chart you can see exact price figures, so that trader have a idea where to book profit. Stock Chart also contains REVERSAL ALERT, traders have a complete idea what is the stop loss of every stock which keeps on revising on hourly  bases as stock progresses to move up or move down.

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